We love what we do and with each new project our enthusiasm grows as we continue to discover the diversity of impact, that makes the medium of film so unique. We have been travelling around the world for more than a decade, facilitating community-based film projects in countless countries.

Our aim is to communicate intercultural experiences, to refashion conventional views of marginal subjects and to facilitate the democratic and communal use of technology and filmic expression.

Inspired by our adademic background in filmmaking, anthropology and social work, we shaped this mission statement to capture our core values when we founded Glocal Films in 2004.

We collaborate closely with charities, social organisations and institutes in the cultural, educational and international development sector. Together with our client organisations, we develop bespoke film- and media education projects, that are used for research and training purposes and serve as a tool for implementation, documentation and evaluation.

All team members have extensive experience in working with people from different social, religious and cultural backgrounds of all ages. Our independent documentaries are screened at international film festivals and broadcast on TV.

With the aim of evoking social change, our multilingual team develops far- reaching and sustainable film projects, engaging local communities in shaping and improving existing services and systems.

We use participatory video as a tool to empower people, by giving them a voice through film and providing a vehicle for communication. Our projects enable dialogue and exchange on topics, that might be taboo or generate controversy. Our approach is inclusive, democratic and learner-oriented. All participants are equally involved in the making of their own film. We provide the framework, the participants produce the content.


Our intercultural video exchange project EinBlick received the Dieter Baacke Award 2015, which is given to exemplary educational, social and cultural media projects by the GMK (Society for Media Education and Communication Culture) and the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

An article we wrote about ‘EinBlick’ was published in a book on “Diversity in film and TV” edited by Ricart Brede/ Helmes from Europa-University Flensburg.

Kerstin Rickermann

Kerstin co-founded Glocal Films in London with Silke in 2004. She combines degrees in social work and visual anthropology, giving her a deep insight into socio-cultural aspects of filmmaking and media education.

Pre Glocal, Kerstin worked for various social institutions worldwide, specialising in photography, art, radio and video workshops. While working as a social worker in fostering and adoption teams in London, she completed a broadcast/festival documentary about immigration on unaccompanied minors in the UK and worked on an Indian/German documentary co-production.

Silke Beller

Silke, Glocal Films co-founder, received a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and an MA in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths College in London and spent 4 years as a freelance journalist. She then worked on various broadcast/festival documentaries as a researcher, while also being involved with the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, the LUX, the London Detainee Support Group and Resonance FM (104.4).

Between 2004 and 2006 she taught Visual Anthropology in the film departments of Iqra University and the National College of Arts in Lahore/Pakistan, while organizing various participatory video projects, the first Glocal video-exchanges and making a documentary for BBC Urdu.

Foteini Foteinaki

Foteini has a degree in photography and animation and an MA in arts education. Through teaching, Foteini has extensive experience in working with vulnerable people of all ages and backgrounds.

She has been part of the Glocal team since 2010 and has enriched our work through animation. She currently focuses on adoption films.

Chryssa Panoussiadou

Chryssa holds an MA in Documentary Research for Film and TV and has a strong background in editorial photography and TV news production. She has been working on assignments for major media organizations and NGOs internationally, including BBC online, The Guardian, The Times, ActionAid UK, Red Cross, Associated Press Television News, ZDF and others.

Chryssa, who has collaborated with Glocal since 2011, currently films, produces and edits news and documentaries.

Debbie Attucktsang

Debbie gained a BA in Fine Art and Art History from Goldsmiths College, London where she specialized in photography. Since graduating she has continued as a practicing artist, working and living for extensive periods in Northern India. Debbie has been running art workshops for children from various backgrounds and is a qualified OFSTED registered Childminder.

Debbie has freelanced with Glocal Films since 2005.